Cynical approach of Shiv Sena against BJP ?


It seems that cynicism has become part of political culture of Shiv Sena. After threatening its principal opponent (obviously BJP) that the party spokesman Sanjay Raut said that he would beat anyone who made baseless allegations against him, and could not prove it in court, with a chappal, in front of the Enforcement Directorate office, now slammed its former ally BJP and questioned it on whether there was any Pakistani, Khalistani or Naxalites hand behind bird flu outbreak in the country.

In its editorial in ‘Saamana’, the mouthpiece of Shiv Sena, the party pointed out that BJP leaders had earlier targeted farmers’ agitation alleging that Pakistanis, Khalistani, Chinese, Naxalites, and Maoists are behind the protest. “Farmers are agitating against the new agricultural law and meanwhile new crisis of bird flu outbreak has emerged. Government officials say that Pakistanis, Khalistani, Chinese, Naxalites and Maoists are behind the farmers’ agitation. BJP spokesperson has not declared if Khalistani, Pakistani and Naxalites have a hand in mysterious deaths of the chickens and bird,” the editorial said while mocking the BJP.

The war of words has been going on between the BJP leader and the Shiv Sena leaders, particularly Sanjay Raut, for the past few months. And Raut has taken it so “low-level” that such “irrational” criticism would only affect the party. Had Sena been critic instead of a cynic, it could have realised that such “Illogical” bashing to its once ally BJP were unwarranted.

Shiv Sena said that farmers and those involved in poultry farming have been adversely affected due to bird flu. The sale of chickens and eggs is more in rural areas. They have the economics of their own and there is no place for poor egg seller’s economy in the new farm laws. According to the new agricultural law, corporates will not deal in chickens and eggs infected with bird flu. Then who will support the farmers involved in poultry farmer?” the editorial asked.

The Tuesday editorial is now a laughing stock to the people of Maharashtra where the editor had miserably failed to do his homework before writing the piece. Now at least the rank and file of Sena should raise their voice against such utter “idiotic” approach of an individual who is harming the party by making “irrational” statements and writing such pieces.

*** M Charulata

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