COVID-19: Active cases drop in the state

COVID -19 Cases Decline In State

Mumbai : Good news for Maharashtra as tally of active Coronavirus cases in the state is reduced by 27,000 in last four days.

According to available information, this has happened for the first time in the past seven months since COVID-19 outbreak. Active cases is the difference between total cases and those who have recovered (or discharged from hospitals), as well as died.

Two major reasons were given for the decline in active cases: Static rise in fresh infections and a higher number of recoveries in the corresponding period.

It should be mentioned here that the first Coronavirus case in the state was detected in first week of March this year. The state crossed the 300,000-mark of active cases, taking its tally to 301,752 on September 17. The numbers started dropping from the very next day and the tally was 274,623 in last 24 hours.

According to official sources, the state recorded 24,619 cases on September 17 but for the next four days, the tally of fresh infections remained somewhere static. In fact, on September 21, it dropped by around 5,000 cases. In addition, the state also reported more recoveries in the same period.

The official sources also said that the fresh infections didn’t go up and have remained somewhere around 21,000 in a day in the last four days. At the same time, the state also crossed over 100,000 recoveries and for all the four days, the number of recoveries was higher than the number of fresh infections.