Coronavirus: Positive cases reach to 1,364 in state; coming week is very crucial for Mumbai

Coronavirus- Positive cases reach

Mumbai: Maharashtra is the worst-hit state when it comes to coronavirus cases in the country. The state has reported 1,364 confirmed cases and 72 deaths. A total of 117 patients have also been cured or discharged.

The positive cases of COVID-19 are also increasing sharply in the financial capital of the country, Mumbai and now it reaches to 876.

In view of Corona pandemic, the BMC has issued orders to the Mumbai police to shut down all Vegetable/Fruits markets, hawkers, Vegetable and Fruits sellers in the F-North ward, after issuing similar orders to G-North ward as a part of implementing ‘cluster containment strategy’ to tackle the deadly virus. The ward which comprises areas – Sion, Matunga, Wadala, Wadala TT, Antop Hill, Chunabhatti and Rafi Ahmed Kidwai road has seen several positive cases. The BMC has stated that several people have been seen on the roads of the ‘containment area’ under the pretext of buying essential supplies.

Besides, the BMC — considering the city as the epicentre of coronavirus in the state — has made it compulsory for people to wear masks in all public places. Those violating the rules would be punished under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Pune has also made it compulsory for people to wear masks to prevent the virus from spreading.
It was said that the next five days are going to be crucial for Maharashtra, especially Mumbai, as the COVID-19 trajectory during this period will determine whether Mumbai fares better or faces a situation akin to New York in US.

Now the state capital is virtually recording more than 100 cases daily over the past few days is an indication of the virus spreading very fast within the city. However, it was also said that the number may start falling over the next week. “Studying global trends and the spread of the disease, so far, in Mumbai, we can say that we may possibly even get 200 to 300 cases per day in the next five-six days. We are geared up for that but expect and hope that the numbers will fall after this six-day period. However, if this peak or surge continues for the next 10 days, then we may see a situation similar to that in Italy or New York of US,” says a senior official of the state health ministry.

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