“BJP trying break away Mumbai from Maharashtra”

Mumbai: Launching an scathing attack on BJP on Wednesday MNS chief Raj Thackeray, whose tie-up offer was rejected by the Shiv Sena recently, claimed that the party was trying to break Mumbai away from Maharashtra.

“The BJP has been laying the ground for the eventual dismemberment of Mumbai from Maharashtra. They first want to tear away Vidarbha and then target Mumbai. The support that I had extended (to the Sena) was to stop this from happening,” Thackeray said at a gathering of party workers in Mumbai.

After being stonewalled, he sent an emissary, Bala Nandgaonkar, to place his proposal before the Sena leadership. Earlier, Thackeray had called up Matoshree seven times in the past few days to forge an alliance. The Sena is, however, firm on fighting elections on its own after it called off its 25 year old alliance with the BJP.

“Raj Thackeray will lick anyone’s feet for the sake of the Marathi manoos. He will also not hesitate to cut off the legs of those who conspire to break Mumbai from the state,” said Thackeray, adding that MNS would fight elections on its own now.

Thackeray flayed the BJP for its bullet train and new Metro line plans, and said “Why do you need a bullet train from Mumbai to Ahmedabad? Do our people go to Ahmedabad for work? It is those people who come here and the train is being made for them. Metro lines are being started from Marathi areas so that houses in these localities become unaffordable for locals.” He went easy on the Sena, but claimed the party was not taking on the BJP aggressively because of “financial interests”.