BJP says swearing-in of Uddhav ministry is illegal

Chandrakant Patil

Mumbai : The former Maharashtra minister and state BJP president Chandrakant Patil on Saturday said the swearing-in of the Uddhav Thackeray ministry was illegal as it went beyond prescribed format of the parliamentary democracy.

Talking to media persons Patil pointed out that while taking the oaths, the minister included names of their leaders and other figures which are not as per protocol. The NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik rubbished Patil’s claims saying many BJP MPs had done the same thing in past. “If Patil’s yardstick is used, half the Lok Sabha will be empty,” he said.

The state BJP chief said that the people had voted for BJP-Shiv Sena alliance which got 161 MLAs, but Shiv Sena betrayed the mandate. Since the first press conference they had started talking about alternatives.