BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa took oath as CM of Karnataka

Karnataka : Senior BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa took oath as Chief Minister of Karnataka on Friday. After a political drama in Karnataka for the last several days, Yeddyurappa once again became Chief Minister in Karnataka. Prior to taking oath as the Chief Minister, he went to BJP office and met other leaders.

After the rebellion of 17 legislators of Karnataka, the Government of Karnataka was a minority. Kumaraswamy faced the challenge of proving the majority. But Kumaraswamy could not prove a majority in the assembly. After this, Kumaraswamy had submitted his resignation to the governor. After his resignation, the path to the establishment of the BJP became clear. But it was seen that the BJP had decided to adopt a cautious approach. The second issue of political drama in Karnataka was seen on Thursday. Three rebel legislators were disqualified by the Speaker of the Assembly.

Later on Friday morning, Yeddyurappa summoned the governor to claim power. They decided to take oath of office on Friday evening after the Governor accepted it. Now, till July 31, Yeddyurappa has been given the opportunity to prove the majority. Prior to taking oath as the Chief Minister, Yeddyurappa met some leaders in the BJP office in Bangalore. He also went to the Kadu Malleshwar temple in Bangalore and worshiped him.