Armed Forces Medical College proposal to MUHS: Approval for research projects

Pune : The Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) forwarded a proposal to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) seeking its approval for 59 research projects by second and third year undergraduate students.

Commandant of AFMC, Air Marshal C K Ranjan, said on Wednesday that AFMC stresses on the activity so that students engage in research in addition to academic pursuits to secure their holistic development as a medical professional in the armed forces.

He said the AFMC has been collaborating with the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and MUHS, the Umbrella University for All Health Sciences Colleges in the state, to get funding for such research projects from the latter two organisations.

Usually, students who are in their second and third-year of studies collaborate with each department in the college and discuss with their instructors to identify areas of research or suggest specific areas where they feel such research is needed, he said. Later, they formulate the project, do it and try to get it published in a journal.
The initiative has been the genesis of ‘Illuminati’, the college’s annual event where students from AFMC and other medical colleges showcase their research and even get the opportunity to learn from quality research faculties, both from the armed forces medical services and civilian medical experts, he said.

The Armed Forces Medical Research Committee, which meets in the first week of February every year to examine and sanction research projects, has funded 79 projects, totally worth Rs 1.53 crore, for the ongoing financial year.

On the delay in the centralised admissions to medical and dental courses this year, Ranjan said that it affected the AFMC to an extent, but the classes were now progressing and the college was catching up with its academic schedule. “As things stand today, NEET will remain the basis for admission to the AFMC,” he said, adding that the authorities hoped for a well-settled time schedule for admissions next year.

The college, rated ‘A’ grade by NAAC, is imparting education and training to 645 students at undergraduate level for medical, dental, nursing and para-medical courses. The annual student intake for undergraduate medical and dental courses is 130 seats, including 25 for women. Apart from this, it offers post graduation studies in 17 subjects for MD and six subjects for MS degrees, among others.

He said that the AFMC’s continuing research in the field of health issues encountered by soldiers posted in difficult terrains, especially high-altitude battle fronts, remains one of the most significant research efforts.