AMC to okays Rs 40 lakh Civic schools sports material

Aurangabad : Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) on Monday finally proposed to spend Rs 40 lakh to buy sports material for 75 civic schools. The school heads claim it to be too little as it is too late.

The proposal has been made at the behest of Civic Chief Om Prakash Bakoria, who is interested in sports and want the same to be encourages in schools, said sources from the civic body.

The amount, which would be spent on buying footballs, volley balls, cricket bats, badminton rackets and carom boards among other items, will fail to meet our requirements, the schools authorities said.

They claimed that the civic body initiated the process of procuring the material in December-end. “This means that the students would not be able to use these items in the current academic session considering that the civic authorities take around two to three months to buy the material,” they said.

Balliya Sanjeev Prasad, officiating sports officer, AMC, told sources that the civic body is buying the material as per the requirement of the schools. The school authorities were recently asked to submit the details of the sports good they need for schools. Therefore, he does not think that the material will fall short. He said, adding that it is after a long gap that the civic body is procuring sports material on such a large scale.

He said that till now, we used to buy sports items for individual schools after taking into account the sport activities being conducted on their premises. Perhaps, this is the first time in the history of the AMC that we are spending such a large amount for sports goods.

Prasad said the move is aimed at encouraging sport activities in the civic schools. He added that they are also developing play grounds in many schools.

Meanwhile, headmaster of a civic school said sport activities at his school have taken a severe hit due to non-availability of the sports material. “Forget about cricket bats, balls and hockey sticks, we do not even have basic things like stop clock, measurement taps and whistles. How can I manage sport activities without these?” he asked.

“Some of our students have recently proved their mettle in district-level sport events and now they are looking at scaling new high. But unfortunately, our hands are tied. We cannot lead them forward owing to civic apathy,” he said.