AAP holds Modi responsible for demonetisation woes

AAP holds Modi responsible for demonetisation woes

New Delhi: Calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi “anti-people”, the AAP on Wednesday asked him to take responsibility for the hardships that people are facing due to the demonetisation decision even after the expiry of the 50-day deadline.

Addressing the media here, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Ashutosh said that over 100 people lost their lives, while hundreds of thousands lost their livelihoods over the last 50 days since the demonetisation announcement.

“On November 8, the Prime Minister had claimed that after 50 days, things will get back to normal. He also said he will be responsible if things do not improve in 50 days.

“Now 50 days are over since note ban. Farmers are still facing hardships, labourers have lost their jobs, small traders are suffering as their businesses have collapsed, more than 100 people have lost their lives and many marriages got cancelled due to cash crunch. Who is responsible for all this?” Ashutosh said.

The AAP leader asked why the Prime Minister did not utter a single word to express his sympathy for those who lost their lives due to demonetisation.

“Prime Minister Modi did not speak on (Mohammad) Akhlaq’s lynching, Najeeb’s (Ahmed) missing and Rohith Vemula’s suicide, and we believed as per BJP’s ideology, Modi was anti-Dalit and anti-minorities.

“But now, he does not speak even a single word of sympathy even when over 100 people have died due to his own decision.

“Now people want to know if he is anti-people as well,” Ashutosh said.