73% Indians doesn’t mind sharing personal info for free WiFi, says research

New Delhi:One question – How far can you go to get free Wi Fi? Well the answer by 73% Indians is that they cam share their personal info in order to remain connected through free WiFi.

This trend surfaced in a research conducted by an Antivirus Software Company .

The research states 82 percent people while choosing a hotel, 67 percent while choosing a transportation service, 64 percent while choosing aerial services, 62 percent of people choose a restaurant, verify that there is no free WiFi, and then choose the option.

After receiving free WiFi, nearly 51 percent of Indians can not wait to connect to the Internet, the research said.

About 19 percent of the people are free to share personal information, such as contacts, to free WiFi. So 22 percent are ready to share personalized photos for this service. In particular, 74% of people say that their use of free WiFi in public is safe and secure.