7 booked assaulting Amoli School HM

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Chiplun ( Ratnagiri) : The police here have registered an offence against seven person for assaulting Malve headmaster and administrator of the News English School in Amoli. The suspected persons are Suresh alias Raju Dattaram Kadam, Sambhaji Pawar, Suresh Sawant , Sunil Sawant, Rajaram S awant, Santosh Ganpat Chavan, Pratap Bhosale, Sunil.

According to the reports, the New English School is run by well known Shikshan Prasarak Mandal in Amoli. The Education Department was given a letter that the director s should not take any important policy decision. The Education Officer (Secondary) had entrusted the headmaster Malve with the Society’s administrator’s charge. Still the Directors called for the meeting of parents and students as there was no teacher for English. Headmaster Malve refused to attend the meeting. Getting angry over this, Suresh alias Raju Kadam, Suresh Sawant and Sambhaji Pawar abused Malve.

Soon after thisn Santosh Chavan , Sunil Sawant Pratap Bhosale and Rajaram Sawant assaulted Malve. They did not stop here Pratap Bhosale and Rajaram Sawant again stopped Malve’s vehicle and beat him up. Malve lodged a complaint with the Chiplun police . Police registered an offence.