40 new guards in Nashik jail for better vigil

Nashik Jail

NASHIK: With the addition of 40 guards the situation in Nashik Road Central Prison will improve. This jail which spreads over 200 acres is a security challenge, jail officials said.

On Monday, jail officials said they had found eight new mobile phones in the barracks in the jail. In this month alone, they have found 30 mobile phones inside the jail premises. Officials claimed that the findings were a result of an intensive check-up they have launched. They, however, did not rule out the possibility of finding more gadgets inside the jail premises.

A senior official said that they would continue getting mobile phones in the future too as they are checking every corner of the jail premises. This month, the jail authorities have found around 30 mobile phones inside the jail premises.

The officials added that they have a security force of 167 personnel to guard the jail. With the addition of 40 new guards to the existing force, the effort would be to keep a close watch on the activities inside the jail, which was not possible earlier considering the shortage of the guards.

Meanwhile, the jail official added that there were 24 jammers inside the prison, but they are largely ineffective. The jammers do not function to the fullest capacity in the open air, while the network of many mobile companies is too strong to be blocked. At any given time, there are around 2,500 inmates lodged inside the jail. They said that while cellphones were found, most of them were five to six years old through which establishing communications was not possible.