3 booked for power theft of Rs 36 Lakh in Nashik

Nashik : Three industrial consumers in separate cases of power theft, totalling up to Rs 35.94 lakh have caught by the Maharashtra Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) .

A complaint has been registered with the Nashik Road MSEDCL police station. Sanjay Ade, executive engineer of the Malegaon division said that the three accused had devised a method of inserting a remote receptor in the current transformer of the industrial meter. It was arranged in such a way that the meter could not read the actual current passing through.

Ade said that the matter was brought to the notice of the MSEDCL’s chief general manager Deepak Kumthekar and other officials. They arrived at Malegaon to inspect the meters and collect the data. After they verified that the power theft was being committed, a police case was lodged.

Another power company official said that the consumers had managed to keep the energy units down by around 70%. “The monthly consumption on an average is around 25,000 for industrial units like these and the accused managed to maintain the consumption at 4,000 units only. This was extremely low and for many days, the meters were checked randomly and inspected in labs, but MSEDCL officers could not crack the case. Finally, it was decided that the meters be opened to be checked,” the official said.

The meter readings were clear and so MSEDCL officials opened the transformer near the meter. They discovered a small unit had been implanted in the transformer.

“This is a case study for us as it was a novel technique that the three suspects used. We have called the company as well to find whether the transformer was up to the mark. We will decide on the further course of action, once we get the reports,” the officer said.

One of the accused owns a plastics company in Malegaon and stole power worth Rs 16.64 lakh. The second accused is an owner of a polymer company in Sayne (Budruk) and stole power worth Rs 11.64 lakh. The third owns a plastic firm in Dyane and was involved in power theft of Rs 7.66 lakh.