250-crore manufacturing facility in Dhule, Sudal industry promises employment opportunity


Nashik: The Sudal Industries Ltd, a Bombay Stock Exchange listed company is planning to invest Rs 250 crore in a new manufacturing facility for aluminum products near Dhule. The expansion at its Nashik facility will generate employment for 100 more professionals.

The new manufacturing unit will be located at Naradana industrial estate of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), around 30 km from Dhule.

The company is in the business of manufacturing aluminium extrusion and alloys, having more than 9,000 diess of various size & shapes to meet consumer needs.

Managing Director of Sudarshan Industries, Sudarshan Chokhani said that they are in the business of manufacturing aluminium products. They are in the process of expanding our production capacity of the Nashik facility. WTey have already enhanced the capacity from 300 metric tonnes per month to 450 metric tonnes so far. We will reach 800 metric tonnes in the next few months.

Apart from this, the company is expanding its roots to Nardana MIDC, near Dhule with a new manufacturing facility. “We have already bought 40 acres of land in MIDC. This will be the mega project for manufacturing aluminium extrusion and alloys.

The company is also expected to register a sales turnover of Rs 95 crore in the current financial year 2016-17 and has set a sales turnover target of Rs 140 crore during the next financial year 2017-18.