12-year-old girl dies of dehydration at Modi’s rally, in Yawatmal


Yawatmal: A 12-year-old girl who attended a rally addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Pandharkawada in Yawatmal on Saturday, died after dehydration.

The girl, Kshitija Gutewar and her mother had gone to attend the a rally of women’s self help groups that was being addressed by the PM in Pandharkawada.

The rally was scheduled to begin at 11 am. In order to get a good view, the duo reached the venue early in the morning. The attendees were not allowed to caary water bottles due to security concerns.

The women cops at the venue allegedly did not allow them to leave the venue to get water. Unfortunately, the girl who was thirsty suffered from acute dehydration due to scorching heat and not being able to drink water in time.

Kshitija felt uneasy after the rally was over and collapsed as soon as she reached home. She died while undergoing treatment.

Reportedly, the doctors said that her body organs stopped functioning as she couldn’t get water on time.

Kshitija was a studying in Zila Parishad School in Pandharkawada. She was staying at her maternal uncle’s home after her father passed away four years ago.